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Congratulations Mark Aquino of EMBA for being elected District Director Jan 1, 2016 for a 3 year Term.

Cape Cod Winners: Saturday Open Pairs Amnon Gabay and Charlie Polay   Sunday Teams Mark Aquino, A Chesterton, Marina Polestra and Natalie Bassil.

Wanted: More School Bridge Clubs
How can you help?
If you know of someone who will help recruit students to try out a school bridge club, please inform any board member of New England Youth Bridge, Inc.  The recruiter could be a school faculty member or other school-connected individual who would personally reach out to students, a parent who will recruit not only their child but also the friends of their child and/or will personally coordinate responses to a notice to parents from the school’s Parent Teacher Organization, or a student who will recruit his/her friends to join.  New England Youth Bridge (NEYB) will help the bridge club succeed for the recruited participants by supplying lesson plans and – if you do not want to teach the students yourself – by recruiting a bridge player to teach the lessons.  Just contact a board member of NEYB (names are listed below) to talk about how to proceed.
Now is the time to follow up, so that a new school bridge club can begin soon after the start of the 2015-16 school year.
NEYB is a tax exempt charitable organization.  NEYB, which charges no fees for teaching youth to play bridge, offers not only lesson plans, teaching tips, cards, boards, and bidding boxes, but also, as necessary, financial assistance to help the youth bridge club succeed.
NEYB board members are Jeff Lehman, Lisa Allison, Pam Miller, Adam Parrish, Jim Rasmussen, Adam Grossack, and Barbara Doyle.
Thank you for your consideration.
 Thank You to Youth Bridge Volunteers
Many bridge players in D25 help promote school bridge clubs by volunteering to help teach and supervise tables of players at school bridge clubs’ meetings and tournaments.  Please give a big thank you to these individuals: Dave Lawrence of Rochester, NH; Lisa and Nate Allison of Lee, NH; Ruth Cunniff of Durham, NH; Nancy Hornbeck of Durham, NH; Darien Lauten of Durham, NH; George (Skip) Page of Rye, NH; Maureen Fahey of Coventry, RI; Vivi Leavy of Newton, MA; Barbara Doyle of Chestnut Hill, MA; Lew Gamerman of Randolph, MA ; Pam Miller and Jim Rasmussen of Cambridge, MA; Fizza Adamjee of Newton, MA; and Lloyd Steger of Watertown, MA.

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