Yiji Starr of Wayland Won the Smith Women's Pairs playing with Pam Granovetter in NOLA

The 2015 Cape Cod Sectional will be held Oct 3-4, 2015 at the Barnstable Middle School , 895 Falmouth Rd (Rte 28), Hyannis, MA 02601
The Hyannis Resort Inn is going to offer a special weekend deal, stay tuned for updates.

EMBA Pair WIN Baldwin NAP Pairs representing District 25 in New Orleans
Mark "The Shark" Aquino and Shome Mukherjee win the coveted title.
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5th Place was EMBA Pair Adam Grossack and James Streisand also representing D25

2015 Nifty 150
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Welcome to the Silver Mine!
It Is Exciting!! Two Chances To WIN!!
This is THE Game you don’t want to miss.
Come for the First Dual-Scored pairs!!
What does it mean?
Its simple!- You come and play a pairs game just like always.
It is scored match points –just like always. You can score in A, B or C.
BUT WAIT! Second Scoring!
After you buy an entry you are blind paired with another pair, A pairs will be paired with a random C or low B pair and 3 strats of teams will be made.
The game will be rescored as A Board –A –Match, you will be awarded the highest Masterpoints  of the two games for your score!!
BAM (Or Board-a-Match) Uses the same strategy that Matchpoints does so your strategy does not change, you just come and play your game and have
You might just miss an award in your strata, but if your teammates do well you can still win !
Team pairings are random and will be done Friday night after entries close, PLEASE BE EARLY!! to get the best chances.
Once entries close (7:25) no late entries will be allowed. Please COME EARLY!!


By Donald Caplin
At a recent Bridge Spot event honoring Millie Ring, the guest of honor proved she’s still got it.

Board 10
East Deals
Both Vul
K 9 2
A 10 6 5
K J 10 8
9 7
Q J 5
4 2
7 3 2
A Q 10 6 2
W     E
A 7
Q J 8 7 3
K J 8 5 4 3
10 8 6 4 3
K 9
A Q 9 6 5 4

After East passed, Millie (S) opened 1S, and her partner, Thelma Tibbits raised to 3S (invitational).  East didn’t chance a 4-level bid, and Millie went to game. 
After a heart lead, all Millie lost was 3 trump tricks to score next-to-top (other east-wests playing in clubs).

David Cancian and Richard Giles (Left) win ABC on Friday Evening and repeated in C on Saturday AM

Winning their first Event Flight D Swiss are (Right)  Mark Throop - Eric Throop - Eddie Jou - Anum Qassam

Mark Aquino and Shome Mukherjee Win Flight A Saturday AM
Zach Grossack and Nancy Taicher Win Both Sessions Flight B Saturday
Dan Nieman and Harriet Dann Win Flight C Sat PM