News Flash! New England Team Wins Grand National Teams

The New England team of Adam and Zach Grossack and their teammates Doug Doub and Frank Merblum won the Grand National Teams, prevailing over a field of teams that included a number of absolute top stars. This win is Adam and Zach's second national win, and surely more will follow. Doug and Frank, for people not familiar with them, are a very fine pair from Connecticut that has enjoyed considerable success at the national level over the years.

Great work!

Cape Tournament Coming Up!

The Cape Cod tournament is being held in the summer this year!  August 4-7, Hyannis at the Barnstable Intermediate School, 865 Falmouth Road, Hyannis, MA.  Get the silver points you need to move up the ACBL ranks!

All games will start at 10 and 2:30.  Single session open and 299er pairs will be held Thursday and Friday.  There will be a two session open pair event on Saturday and two single session 299er games.  Sunday features an open Swiss Team.   See here for the tournament flyer for more information and directions..

Lunch will be available every day, and pizza is included in the price of the Sunday tournament. 

Lodging is available at Hyannis and West Yarmouth are the towns most convenient to the tournament.


Memorial Sectional Results

The results for the Memorial Sectional are in.  On Friday night, Mark Aquino and Selen Hotamisligil extended their recent record of success in Watertown by winning the Open Pairs easily.  Peter Zucker and Louis Russo won flight B, Qingyan Yu and Jian Song took Flight C, and Alan Aaron and Robert Bowen won the 299er event.

The Saturday schedule consisted of two single-session pair events.  Rena Liebermann and Shome Mukherjee won the morning game, narrowly beating Kathy Benjamin and Stuart Whittle.  Flight B was won by Maxim Siline and Xiaoqian Liu (more on them later), and Phyllis Benoit and Margaret Moore took flight C.  Nicole and David Gardner won the 299er game, and Barbara and Edward Langley won the 49er game.

In the afternoon, the Siline/Liu pair showed the rest of us what they were made of with a 70.55% game, far outpacing the rest of the field.  Marguerite and David Levin took flight C, and Ellen Thurmond and Ruth Parr won the afternoon 299er game.

The Sunday A/X team game saw Adam Grossack, Linda Robinson, Sheila Gabay and Laurence Lebowitz take flight A, and Albert Votolato,  Grace Charron, Eric Schwartz and Ru Hong Terajewicz take flight X.  In the B/C/D game, Greg Chang, Syed Kausar Amjad, Susan Smith and Michael Smith were the overall winners, and David and Marguerite Levin and David and Nicole Gardner were the winners in flights C and D.  Last but not least, Leonard Strang, Diana Chirita, Muggsie Rocco and Carol Fountain won the 299er game.

As always, more complete results are available by clicking the "Tournament Results" tab on the left of this page.

See you all on the Cape in August!

April Sectional Results

For the high finishers in the April Sectional, please click here.  Of note:

Congratulations to Mark Aquino and Selen Hotamisligil for winning two of the three flight A open pair events.  Mark the Shark has been a fixture in New England bridge for years, but Selen is new on the local bridge scene.  It is clear that she is becoming a force to be reckoned with.  Other multiple winners were David and Nicole Gardner, who won both the Saturday afternoon 299er pairs and, with Susan and Robert Goldberg, took the 299er Swiss on Sunday.

The Friday game had an interesting twist:  it was scored both as a pairs and a Board-a-Match event.  Each pair who participated in the pairs event was matched with a second pair, and the resulting "team" had their combined results scored BAM against the rest of the field.  As it turned out, the winners of the pairs and the winners of the BAM were not the same people.  The result was lots of masterpoints awarded, which is always popular!

February Sectional


Congratulations to the winners of the Flight A Swiss, Bob Bertoni, Peter Manzon, Wayne Burt and Jeffrey Lehman.  A fine performance against the usual tough field.  Not too far behind were the Flight X winners -- Nancy Keller, Cenk Tuncok, Xiaoqian Liu and Maxim Siline.

Taking the Flight B/C/D Swiss were the Flight C pair of Barry Herring, Joseph Foster, Maria Kawka and Marek Kawka. Flight D winners were Skip Page, Ronald Ouellet, David Lawrence and James Hickey. Constance Brown, Frederick Brown, Titian Bett and Martha Bett won the 299er event.

Earlier in the weekend, winners in the Friday night pairs were Sheila Gabay and Rick Binder. The Saturday morning pairs were taken by Amnon Gabay and Charlie Polay, and the afternoon pairs were won by Arkadiusz Sitek and Maya Alela, a flight B pair. The afternoon winners also won flight B in the morning and finished second overall, an impressive performance. Lew Gamerman and Shome Mukherjee also had a good day, finishing second in the afternoon and third in the morning.

In Flight B, Jori Grossack and Tom Seder won Friday night. Flight C was taken on Friday by Marianne Bechet and Richard Silverman. Paul Vena and R. Krieg won flight C on Saturday morning and Ajit Pai and Venky Venkataramani won in the afternoon.

In the 299er events, Joyce Leary and Rob Russell won Friday night. Cookie Melanson and Florence Pressman won Saturday morning and Michael Gorfinkle and Kenneth Coburn won the afternoon. The 49er event was won by Robert Steinbach and Rosemary Thomsen.

For a full list of winners in the old-fashioned "leaderboard" format, please click here. For more detail, including recaps and hand records, click here.

Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs Results for 2015

The ACBL has announced the leading Masterpoint winners for EMBA for 2015. The results include all Masterpoints won during 2015, except for those won online. Results include all points posted through January, 2016. The top five Masterpoint winners in EMBA were (without regard to overall Masterpoint status): Lloyd Arevdon, 1660; Sheila Gabay, 1387, Bill Irvine, 991; Lew Gamerman, 929; and Mark Aquino, 910.

The ACBL keeps track of Masterpoint winners in more detail in the so-called Mini-McKenney races. There are thirteen brackets representing the leading Masterpoint winners who started the year within a certain range of Masterpoints. Here are the winners of the Mini-McKenney's in EMBA:
Masterpoints at Beginning of Year Name Points Earned
10,000 and up Lloyd Arvedon 1659.84
7,500 to 10,000 Mark Aquino 910.30
5,000 to 7,500 Lew Gamerman 929.11
2,500 to 5,000 Cenk Tuncok 884.39
1,000 to 2,500 Alix Taylor 441.50
500 to 1,000 Daniel Jablonski 331.47
300 to 500 Simon Zimmerman 234.70
200 to 300 Roger Zessis 196.74
100 to 200 Elizabeth Wood 131.05
50 to 100 Nicole Gardner 147.48
20 to 50 Tom Caragliano 66.59
5 to 20 Muggsie Rocco 71.84
0 to 5 Arthur Keefe 88.78

Also announced were the people who won the most points at club games, the Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs award. The top five in this department were: Sheila Gabay, 584.67; Joe DeGaetano, 430.64; Bill Irvine, 372.95; Lew Gamerman, 315.74; and Bob Carvin, 296.44.

 Holiday Tournament Results

The results are in for the Holiday Sectional.

Winning overall on Friday were Pete Matthews, Jr. and Shirley Dulcey.  Second and Flight B winners were Lawrence Cheetham and Allen Pattee, and third and Flight C winners were Catherine Cooper and Asa Martin.  

On Saturday, Zach Grossack and Kim Gilman posted a fine score to win overall.  Steven Myerson and Kenneth Smith were the Flight B and C winners and third overall.  The 299er Pair event was taken by Roy Shapiro and Donald Rosenfield, and the 49er winners were Margaret Smith and Patricia Medis.

The turnout on Saturday was great!  Zach and Kim walked off with over 26 masterpoints -- a huge number for a sectional event.

Sunday's winners: Zach Grossack, Adam Grossack, Sheila Gabay, Lew Gamerman and Bob McCaw took the A/X teams.  B/C/D winners were Richard Woerner, Roberta Francis, Harold Nordstrom and Susan Lincoln.  Kathleen Clay, Patricia Jensen, Phyllis Ritvo and Linda McCabe took the 299er event.

You can see more results by clicking "Tournament Results" to the left, or you can connect directly the the ACBL's new tournament reporting here for much more information.  

Pictures and more details are available here.

Election Results

The result of the election for officers and EMBA board members has been announced.  

The Treasurer for the upcoming year will be Linda Robinson.  New board members are Frederick Brown, Zach Grossack and Stan Richmond.  For a complete list of board members and officers, please click here.  Thanks to all for the time and effort they devote to EMBA.