There’s a new young player in EMBA, already a strong unit for Junior players (two-time NABC+ champs Adam and Zach Grossack having represented the United States in international competitions.)

Harrison Luba, age 12, recently moved here from Hilton Head, SC, and currently stands second this year in the New England Youth masterpoint race in (behind Zach). Harrison learned bridge from his great grandmother when he was 6 years old. He played his first duplicate the following year, finishing third in a 12-table game with his grandfather. At the age of 8, he finished 5th in an Regional open Swiss with his grandparents and great grandma. When he first showed up at duplicate games, other players assumed Harrison was going to kibitz, but he soon acquired other adult partners. Last year he won a Regional Flight B pairs in Hilton Head. At bridge camp in Carlinville, Illinois two years ago, he met a young partner, with whom he finished second in an AX Swiss (1 point behind the Grossacks) in Washington.

Harrison has already made his mark here, playing with several national champs. He can usually be found weekends playing at the Bridge Spot in Woburn. He said, "Bridge is great for kids because it helps with math and logic, and is fun".

Here’s one of his favorite hands:  Both Vul  

                                                  N: ♠ Q 6 4 3 2 ♥ 8 7 6 3 ♦ 10 9 ♣ K 4

W: ♠ K ♥ A K Q 4 ♦ A Q 8 6 4 3 ♣ 6 5                                             E:  ♠ J 7 5 ♥ J 10 9 ♦ J 5 ♣ A J 10 7 2

                                                  S:  ♠ A 10 9 8 ♥ 5 2 ♦ K 7 2 ♣ Q 9 8 3

Harrison's partner, West, opened 1D, and over Harrison’s 1N, bid 3D. Harrison bid 3N, ending the auction. The lead seemed logical: the 10 of S. Winning his singleton King, Harrison crossed to the J of H to take a successful D finesse. That plus the hearts gave him 11 tricks. South had to keep the A of S, and N felt he had to keep the Q of S, so both bared singleton C honors, so declarer took the last two tricks with the A and J of C, making 7 for a top. When not playing bridge, the 7th grader plays tennis (he’s ranked in the top 20 12-and-unders in South Carolina), and piano. If you want t see him play, follow this link, where there’s a video of him playing the piano at the ICSA Rising Stars show.