Carole Weinstein

I have served in bridge administration for EMBA, District 25 and the National Board of Governors. I am currently 2nd alternate to the District Director on the National Board of Governors. I have chaired the EMBA Election & Nominating Committee multiple times.  I have been District Recorder and served on the District's Executive Committee.  I'm asking for your vote so I can be involved in new and innovative ways to benefit bridge and bridge players. I have played bridge for over 40 years and want to help keep bridge as the best pastime ever! Please allow me to serve and represent you on the EMBA Board.

Selen Hotamisligil

I started playing bridge in high school and in medical school I met my husband through this wonderful game. In recent years, after a very busy and fulfilling medical career, I've had a chance to devote more time to bridge, and I've been blessed with many great mentors and partners. I've always loved competing but never thought I would be traveling to China to represent the Westwood Bridge Club and the EMBA in the World Wide Simultaneous Pairs Finals with my novice partner, Mark Aquino. Having seen the possibilities, I am more excited than ever about the game and want to play an active role in promoting it, especially among the next generation of players in the New England area and beyond. For these reasons, I would be thrilled to serve on the EMBA Board if I were to be considered.

Ashok Rao

My first attempts at the game were around 1960, came back to it sporadically over the years including at the Cavendish Club in the 90’s for those of you who recall the club in Brookline. So when I retired in June 2012 I naturally decided to try my hand at bridge again. The idea was to play it occasionally. But as many others have discovered the game can pull you in. And, I did happily. I find it is a great place to meet people whose company I enjoy. And, a side benefit when traveling is that I can find a game with locals – Ireland, New Zealand, Finland, Quebec, Paris and so on. When I was approached about running for the board I felt I should in order to help support and promote the game.

Hardin Matthews

Before retiring from a large law firm several years ago, I planned for several decades to become a better bridge player as soon as I had time. Retirement finally gave me that opportunity.
While I am still on the lower part of the experience and expertise spectrums, I believe that my perspective will be helpful to EMBA in terms of attracting and retaining active players. My primary goal is to assist EMBA in making the player experience as exciting and rewarding as it can be, within the constraints of cost and practicality.
One of the best opportunities for EMBA to increase participation in the short term can be found in recently retired Baby Boomers, a group to which I belong. Outreach by local clubs and their members to this group, with assistance from EMBA, would in my view be worthwhile.
When I am not at the bridge table, I am regularly at Greater Boston Legal Services as a Volunteer Attorney where I provide free legal representation to low income taxpayers engaged in controversies with the Internal Revenue Service or the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.
Serving on the EMBA Board of Directors represents a second way for me to “give back.”
With thanks for your consideration, I ask for your vote.

Catherine Cooper

I have served one term on the board, coordinating EMBA sectionals with the ACBL. Very recently, I have taken on the job of webmaster for EMBA and am looking to make the website more useful and informative. I welcome your suggestions and material for the website at
As one of the younger players in the area, and one who is not yet retired, I feel that I bring a unique perspective to the board. I believe that more perspectives help EMBA to recognize what will attract and retain different groups of people.
I would appreciate your vote to allow me the opportunity to continue serving, and thank you for reading my statement.

Linda Robinson

I have served as EMBA Treasurer for the past two years, and I am seeking your vote for a third one-year term. A member of EMBA for 20-plus years, I took up bridge in middle age and the rest is history. Other past positions of financial responsibility I have held in the bridge world are Audit Committee Chair for District 25, and Finance Chair for the 2008 NABC held in Boston. I retired in 2013 from a career as a Certified Public Accountant and international corporate tax planner at The Gillette Company and other local employers.
As EMBA Treasurer, I have four principal tasks: to keep accurate records, to disburse funds in accordance with the budget and guidelines approved by the Finance Committee and the EMBA Board of Directors, to invest excess funds wisely, and to ensure compliance with tax reporting. These tasks only require attention and a bit of time, and are well within my skill set. My goal for next year is to present financial information in a way that will increase the Board’s comfort with allocation of available funds to support our tournament mission in the context of an aging core of hands-on volunteers.

Saul Agranoff

I've been playing Duplicate Bridge in EMBA since 1970. I'm a certified director, and have subbed at some club games. In real life, I'm a Software Engineer. I've served on the board before, for six years in the 2000s. I've been involved in drafting the EMBA bylaws, and currently I produce the EMBA tournament flyers. Bridge should be a release from the stress of life, not a contributor. Attracting new players is vital for the future. To make these things happen, we must promote a friendly and inviting atmosphere at our sectionals. I'd like to make the sectionals more special. I personally think that 5 EMBA sectionals per year in Watertown is too much. We should investigate getting a Sectional to the North or South Shore area to get all areas of EMBA involved.

Neil Montague

I have been playing bridge for over 35 years, and served three terms on the board, and I want to continue to contribute to the administration and enjoyment of this fine game. In addition, as technology expands what is possible, I would like to help improve processes there as well. As other candidates have mentioned, it is very important to promote our game to new players, and I will work in that area, too. Thank you for your vote.